A tool to let the Apple IIgs connect to AFP file servers over TCP/IP

This project is maintained by sheumann

Building AFPBridge

AFPBridge is designed to be built under GNO 2.0.6, with ORCA/C and ORCA/M installed under /lang/orca as described in the GNO documentation. I am using a custom version of ORCA/C with several patches applied, but I believe a stock version of ORCA/C 2.1.x should also work.

You also need to get the AppleTalk.h header file, which is included under Libraries/APWCInclude in an ORCA/C installation. Copy it either to /lang/orca/Libraries/ORCACDefs or to the directory with the AFPBridge source files. The original version of that file does not include prototypes in its function declarations, which will cause an ORCA/C error with the settings in the makefile. To avoid this, either remove the -w flag from CFLAGS in, or add the prototypes in AppleTalk.h. If adding the prototypes, they should be RamForbid(void), RamPermit(void), and _CALLAT(void*).

To build AFPBridge using source files copied directly from the Git repository, first run:

make import

This sets the file types appropriately, converts files to Apple II-style line endings, and generates required assembly-language macro files.

Once that is done, you can build the code by running:


This builds the AFPBridge init, the AFPMounter CDev, and several command-line utilities that can be useful for testing and debugging.

You can also run make install to install the init and CDev in your system folder, or make clean to remove the generated files.